Wash of Color

48.00 €

Wash of Color is intended for applying the first tone of eyeshadow, onto which you will add others, gradually refining and deepening the look.

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Wash of Color is my literal dream come true when it comes to big blending brushes. It is ideal for all those who don’t have too much time in the morning (or prefer to sleep longer) and have no intention of using three different eyeshadows on a daily basis, but still like to quickly emphasize their eyes and refresh their look with at least one tone of eyeshadow that compliments their eye color.

Wash of Color is my ultimate and dearest brush of this type and for this particular use – a really thoroughly advanced hybrid of some of my previous favorites. The base is denser/thicker than most classical brushes of this type and contains a greater number of bristles making its tip denser, stronger and more resilient. However, at the same time, it is made from the top quality, ultra-gentle, silky smooth saikoho goat bristles, offering a perfect combination of increased effectiveness and quicker application as well as being extremely gentle towards sensitive eyelid skin.

For all those days when I only have the will and energy to quickly throw on just one eyeshadow color, this is the brush that I reach out for without exception. Also, it is irreplaceable for when I have enough time and go for a more complex look – in that case I use it to apply a first shade upon which I gradually build the final look. In short, I adore it and sincerely think it is the best big blending brush in the world (and I’ve tried almost all of them). :)

Full length - 153 mm
Hair length - 18 mm
Thickness - 7 mm
Hair type - saikoho goat

The attached group photos serve only as a rough reference to help the buyers get an easier visual idea of the size of The Brush Stash brushes, compared to similar sized brushes of some other brands we like.

Wash of Color (front and back)
Wash of Colora (comparison text)