The Brush Stash - the story of brushes...

The Brush Stash is a premium Croatian brand of handmade cosmetic brushes combining maximum effectiveness and functionality during the process of applying makeup along with the most luxurious and pleasant user experience. Our brushes incorporate a huge knowledge and even greater amount of love towards these magical tools, combined with unrivalled skill, talent and almost two centuries of tradition by Japanese masters of this beautiful craft.

Our brushes are intended for everyone who loves to do makeup, from beginners who want to start a premium quality collection which will help them achieve their full potential (because first-class tools really do most of the job), all the way to professionals who want to improve their professional kit. Our mission is to inspire you to create small works of art on your own face using exceptionally reliable and excellently designed brushes. We want to encourage you to enjoy doing makeup, like a small everyday ritual which will raise your creativity, help your self-confidence and bring a smile to your face for many years to come.

With all mentioned above, we also want to raise awareness of the value and beauty of premium quality brushes and draw you closer to an inspiring story and rich history behind its creation. We want to share our amazement with this fascinating tradition of Japanese culture and at the same time intensively promote our beautiful Croatia which now stands side-by-side with an exceptionally small number of luxurious cosmetic companies and countries which have their brand of brushes made in the undisputed world capital of the brush making craft – Kumano.

Croatia’s natural beauties are our eternal love and inspiration, and for this reason the first collection of The Brush Stash brushes was visually inspired by the most beautiful sea in the world – our Adriatic Sea. The black color represents its depth which slowly passes into the recognizable and deep blueness, and then (depending on the angle of the falling light) appearing in the blueness are dense, sparkling particles symbolizing unsettling waves and the lazy rippling of the sea enlightened by the summer sun. And finally, there are also the silver letters which represent the playful foam of waves. <3

Finally, we are incredibly proud of our small collection and are eternally thankful for absolutely every word of support we have received from you in the past. We hope that you will love and enjoy using our brushes! Thank you!

The Brush Stash team! :)