Super Definer


Super Definer is an incredibly powerful hybrid combining classical pencil brushes with those intended for deepening the crease and the outer corner.

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Super Definer is much wider at its base and larger than classical pencil brushes, but becomes narrower towards the tip, finishing in a shape which is not too pointy, nor completely rounded. Based upon all its parameters, this is Soft Smoke on steroids. Soft Smoke applies and blends into a softer, gentler and more difused manner, whereas Super Definer (due to its greater density and compacted shape) leaves a mark which is much richer and more saturated with pigment.

If you stroke it vertically on the surface of your skin and use only its tip (without much pressing or slanting the brush), you will get a relatively thin, but significantly denser and more saturated line than what Soft Smoke provides. If you use it slanted on its side, the line proportionally becomes thicker depending on its angle toward the skin.

It is perfect for a stronger and quicker definiton of the crease, outer corner, upper lash line, lower eyelid, and inner corner of the eye. Super Definer is made from ultra-silky, luxurious, dyed saikoho hair which provides a superior gentleness to the skin, despite its thickness and effectiveness.

Super Definer (handle photo)