Soft Smoke

38.00 €

Soft Smoke is the smallest, most precise and has the widest recommended area of use among round blending brushes in The Brush Stash collection.

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Soft Smoke has a very similar purpose to Killer Crease, but due to its smaller size, it is even more precise, and therefore perfect for applying the darkest shadows in the makeup look, which are usually concentrated in a very narrow area of the eyelid in order to optimally define and visually lift the eye. It is made of incredibly silky, dyed saikoho hair, and is suitable for a little wider, softer, diffused smoky definition of the lower eyelid. Generally, it is intended for all those who love to use at least three depths of eyeshadows (and like to work with round blending brushes). Soft Smoke is also perfect for applying inner corner highlight and is absolutely irreplaceable for those with more or less hooded eyelids, or generally smaller eyes who need smaller and more precise brushes.

So this is how I like to build my usual eyeshadow looks - after I apply an eyeshadow primer, I quickly set it in place with Precise Powder over my entire eyelid. After that, I go for Wash of Color to apply my first “real” eyeshadow (usually my transition shade) over my entire mobile eyelid and into the crease. Then I apply a darker shade for extra definition on the outer third of the upper eyelid and into the crease with Killer Crease (outer “V” shape). To deepen the look even more, I use Soft Smoke to add the darkest shade to the outer corner of the eye and outer part of the crease. I also use Soft Smoke to gently define the lower eyelid, and last but not least - I use Divine Lashline for gorgeous, more precise and deeper definition on the outer part of lower lashline.

Full length - 148 mm
Hair length - 13 mm
Thickness - 4.5 mm
Hair type - saikoho goat

The attached group photos serve only as a rough reference to help the buyers get an easier visual idea of the size of The Brush Stash brushes, compared to similar sized brushes of some other brands we like.

Soft Smoke (handle photo)
Soft Smoke comparisons