Precise Powder

51.00 €

Precise Powder is a large, silky smooth blending brush primarily intended for precise application of dry products of all kinds and uses.

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Precise Powder is a true little giant and multifunctional gem among classic, round blending brushes. It is primarily intended, as its name suggests, for precise application of dry products. However, despite the name, this diverse beauty will without any problems perform a number of tasks:

- super fast setting of the eyeshadow primer (or clean eyelids if you don’t need a primer), along with quick dusting of a skin-color shade to smoothen the eyelids and prepare them for much easier application of other eyeshadow shades, ensuring a perfectly blended end result

- setting smaller parts of the skin if we want the makeup to retain a fresh overall impression and dewy finish, or when we want to ensure a light matte finish for certain critical areas only, which are more prone to faster settling or breaking of liquid foundation/concealer, and generally, quicker penetration of unwanted glow on the face (such as the nose, undereye area, sides of the nose, middle of the chin, forehead between the eyebrows etc.). It’s also amazing for a precise setting of smaller, isolated imperfections onto which we have previously applied concealer etc. This brush enables you to treat all of these cases very precisely with a small quantity of powder, without the need to create a matte finish on other parts of the face which perhaps don’t need it

- quick application of a single shade of eyeshadow for those with large eyelids

- final blending of a finished eyeshadow look so that all shades blend beautifully into one another without any visible edges or rough transitions

- precise contouring of the cheekbones and application of highlighter to highlight points of the face, such as tops of the cheekbones, nasal root, middle of the upper lip and all other parts of the face which you want to emphasize

Full length - 157 mm
Hair length - 22 mm
Thickness - 7.3 mm
Hair type - saikoho goat

The attached group photos serve only as a rough reference to help the buyers get an easier visual idea of the size of The Brush Stash brushes, compared to similar sized brushes of some other brands we like.

Precise Powder (front and back)
Precise Powder (comparison 1)
Precise Powder (comparison 2)