Multitasker II

45.00 €

Multitasker II is shorter and more robust version of Multitasker I, amazing at applying and blending all eyeshadow formulas, including creams.

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Multitasker II is the slightly smaller, shorter and more robust brother of the fantastic Multitasker I. Due to its resilient shape combined with pure white saikoho hair, it is amazing for applying and blending cream eyeshadows – even the more resistant formulas, such as MAC Paint Pots and the like, which it will handle without any problems. Just like its bigger brother, it is incredibly effective for flat application of eyeshadows, but due to the shorter bristles and less elongated shape, it has even more power at its tip and is perfectly suitable for blending too. For this reason, Multitasker II is the best choice for all those who like either cream eyeshadows, or harder pressed powder formulas which require a more resistant and thicker brush.

This is the brush that can really do almost everything and I truly believe you’ll love it. Of all the remaining brushes, I would say that it can do the most “heavy lifting”, and it’s definitely the main workhorse of the entire collection. When I was designing it, I was thinking about the old, legendary MAC 239 and wanted to make an improved version of it – a brush which can do everything MAC 239 can, but at the same time, be incomparably gentler to the skin and could also blend. If the old MAC 239 and Wash of Color had a child, it would be called Multitasker II. In short, if you were ever a fan of the old MAC 239, if you prefer flatter shaped brushes over round ones, if you like to use cream eyeshadows and want a brush which is equally amazing in applying and blending – Multitasker II is an absolute must have.

The main difference when comparing with Multitasker I – shorter, less rounded and with a more robust tip which gives it additional strength for applying and blending of even more resistant, creamy textures of eyeshadows as well as harder pressed powder formulas which classical flat brushes have difficulty handling.

Full length - 148 mm
Hair length - 13 mm
Thickness - 8.5 x 5.5 mm
Hair type - saikoho goat

The attached group photos serve only as a rough reference to help the buyers get an easier visual idea of the size of The Brush Stash brushes, compared to similar sized brushes of some other brands we like.

Multitasker II (handle photo)
Multitasker II (comparison front text)
Multitasker II (comparison side text)