Multitasker I

43.00 €

If you prefer flatter shaped brushes over rounded blending versions, Multitasker I will absolutely delight you!

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Just as the name itself suggests, it is a total multitasker which will enable you to do almost entire eye look in no time! Multitasker I is potentially the greatest “looker” of the entire The Brush Stash collection, but don’t let its good appearance trick you – behind the beautiful exterior stands a supreme, multipractical and powerful tool which is specialized for applying and at the same time blending powder eyeshadows, and also deepening the crease and outer parts of the eyelid by adding a darker shade on desired areas with a narrow tip.

Its wider, flatter side is perfect for super quick application of eyeshadows, but due to the thicker base than most other brushes of this type (from profile side), it has enough strength to perfectly blend at the same time. In addition, it has been calibrated so that it retains enough precision at its tip and if needed, can deepen the outer corner and further define the crease. It is made from a top quality, silky smooth mix of pure white and dyed saikoho hairs, and besides all that, it is absolutely beautiful to look at, meaning that it will also serve as a decoration on your makeup table for many years to come. :)

The main difference when comparing it with Multitasker II – Multitasker I has a narrower, more precise tip which is more suitable for deepening the crease and adding definition to the outer corner of the eye. It is a better option for those who mostly use powder eyeshadows and those who, due to more or less hooded eyelids, prefer more precise brushes in order to easily carve out and visually raise the eyelid.

Full length - 149 mm
Hair length - 14 mm
Thickness - 9 x 6 mm
Hair type - saikoho goat

The attached group photos serve only as a rough reference to help the buyers get an easier visual idea of the size of The Brush Stash brushes, compared to similar sized brushes of some other brands we like.

Multitasker I (handle photo)
Multitasker I (comparison front text)
Multitasker I (comparison side text)