Killer Crease


Killer Crease is perfect for darkening the outer corner, deepening the crease of the eye and fastest to achieve the initial "wow" effect of a more lifted eye.

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Killer Crease is a type of brush which is absolutely the most used in my professional arsenal and I use it on literally every person that sits in my makeup chair. It’s simply perfect for deepening the outer “V” and the crease of the eye for all shapes and sizes of eyelids. In the process of building the eyeshadow look, this is the brush that achieves the quickest and easiest initial “wow” effect of raised eyelids as well as fresher and younger looking eyes. It is the second step in “constructing” the makeup look and is absolutely perfect for all those who wear more than just one tone of eyeshadow.

It is irreplaceable for visually lifting the outer parts of the eyelid and is my secret weapon for transforming smaller eyes and/or hooded eyelids. Killer Crease is made, just like all the other The Brush Stash brushes, from extremely silky and luxurious saikoho goat hair, and what applies to Wash of Color also goes for Killer Crease – if you have eyelids (period) and wear (or plan to wear) eyeshadows, you need it. :D This is something which I definitely will not say for all other brushes, but these two are the best and fundamental tools of any eye look and I really do stand behind this statement. :)

Killer Crease (handle photo)